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Showcasing Talent and Celebrating Success 

Emerging Talent #7 Alternative 2

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When you’ve worked hard to create a programme that meets the needs of the Organisation and the individuals within it, you’ve engaged people until you can engage no more, and you’ve given everyone a range of opportunities to apply the skills they’ve acquired, then it’s time to celebrate the success of your participants.

Create an end of programme event that gives participants the opportunity to showcase their skills, receive a certificate (surprisingly important for many people), celebrate and network.  Be prepared for an emotional finish to an excellent programme! 

Our top 3 tips for creating a successful event. 

  1. Set a clear brief for presenters e.g. 5 minutes on what you have taken from the programme, allow time for questions, and don’t feel you have to use software, such as PowerPoint – just present in the way that makes you most comfortable.
  2. Invite the Chief Executive, Senior Leaders and Line Managers, Mentors ad Coaches – even Aunt Sally if she contributed!  Brief everyone on the session in advance, and what you expect from them e.g. please come prepared to ask encouraging and supportive questions, it’s not an opportunity to ‘grill’ participants.  Applause and cheering is welcome! Yeyyyy and the crowd goes wild 😊
  3. Make sure you have fully prepped participants, this might include running a session on presentation skills as part of the programme, and giving them regular opportunities to practice.

An example of a typical agenda for us, might look like this.

  • Opening comments by Chief Executive or Programme Sponsor.
  • Presentations by participants (5 mins each on what they have taken from the programme), usually including a short break and hosted by the programme facilitators. 
  • Presentation of programme certificates by Chief Executive (with photos!).
  • Closing remarks by Chief Executive.
  • Buffet lunch and networking.

The facilitator’s role is to do the hard work so that the session goes smoothly and to plan.  The outcome is often an emotional finish, where any words of encouragement or ‘vision setting’ from the Chief Executive land more firmly because of the sentiment of the event.  It can be a powerful way to demonstrate the value placed on development by the Organisation, and increased morale and buy-in from participants and observers alike.

‘Growing your own’ is an excellent way to motivate staff and develop your talent pipeline.  If you’re thinking about running a programme for your emerging talent or aspiring managers:

There are also lots of FREE resources on our website to get you started.

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