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Why You Shouldn’t Let Just Anyone Onto Your Emerging Talent Programme

Emerging Talent #2 (1)

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Using the term ‘Emerging Talent’ rather than ‘Aspiring Manager’ hints at the fact that progression within an Organisation shouldn’t just be about moving into Management.  There are many who have aspirations that don’t include managing a team in the traditional sense, but would benefit from the same skills that are frequently covered in these programmes.

In our last blog we talked about asking your senior leadership and programme sponsors the right questions.  It’s equally important to ask potential participants the right questions. What is it they want to get from this programme? 

Having an application process with a clear selection criteria places a value on the programme and encourages participants to carefully consider what they want from this investment in their development.  It’s also a great reference point for measuring the outcomes of the programme.  

Our top 5 reasons for having an application process (in no particular order) are:

  1. an application process provides an opportunity for potential participants to reflect on what they really want from their own development and their career; 
  2. it encourages a conversation between potential participants and their line manager, who often have little awareness of what the participant is learning.  This enables line managers to create opportunities for the participant to apply their new skills.  
  3. an application process can help to gain support and buy in from the line-manager because they feel involved;
  4. it can level the playing field for those who are interested in progressing their career, by giving them an opportunity to ‘make a case’ for joining the programme;  
  5. it provides an opportunity for participants and the organisation to reflect back on the original aims of participants and the programme, and to measure success.

Of course there are risks, for those who do not have a positive or productive relationship with their line manager, having an application process where it’s necessary to initiate a discussion may in itself be a barrier to accessing personal development.  But then, that raises a whole raft of other questions!

You can be creative in how you administer your application process, and may even consider using video entries!  For those who like a traditional approach, there’s a FREE template Application Form on our website, which you can use or adapt to meet your needs.

‘Growing your own’ is an excellent way to motivate staff and develop your talent pipeline.  If you’re thinking about running a programme for your emerging talent or aspiring managers:

There are also lots of FREE resources on our website to get you started.

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