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Communicating Confidently

This workshop focuses on developing a range of techniques to confidently communicate your message, both written and face to face.

You will learn how to match your communication style to your audience, develop your negotiating and influencing skills, and use productive conflict techniques to explore opposing views.

You will also develop a toolbox of techniques to collect, analyse and present written information effectively.

Presenting With Impact

This workshop focuses on developing the confidence and ‘stage presence’ to deliver powerful presentations.

You will learn how to plan, prepare and deliver a well-structured and professional presentation that creates impact, using a variety of multimedia and visual aids to support your key message.

You will also explore techniques for combatting nerves and dealing with questions and challenges.

Train The Trainer

This workshop builds the skills, knowledge and experience to create and deliver highly interactive and engaging training.

You will learn how to develop a confident approach that works with your natural style, how to structure a training session for maximum impact, and create activities that support learners to apply their skills.

It offers you a safe space in which to practice your new skills before putting them into action.

Train The Coach

This workshop focuses on developing your skills to become an internal coach, including knowing what coaching is and when to use it.

Through small group work and feedback, you will explore key coaching techniques and experience the impact that coaching can have.

You will learn how to enable change through the use of powerful questions, observation and challenge.

Mastering Difficult Conversations

Research by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) found that Managers, “have difficulty handling difficult conversations, with 40 percent admitting to panicking and telling a lie when faced with a tricky conversation, and 43 percent owned up to losing their temper and shouting”.

This practical workshop gives you the tools and techniques to confidently tackle difficult conversations.  It offers you a safe space in which to practice your new skills before putting them into action.

Leading and Managing People Through Change

Change is unavoidable.  This workshop focuses on why organisational change is important, how change impacts on teams and individuals, and how to manage and lead teams through change.

It can also be delivered from the perspective of those experiencing change.   By influencing how people think and talk about change you can increase levels of engagement, deliver change more effectively and achieve the results you need.

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