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Our programme up-skills high potential individuals to create your next generation of managers. Whilst all our programmes are tailored to meet your organisational goals and individual development needs, it can be helpful to see an example of what an Emerging Talent programme might look like.

Module 1

Ready Steady Go

We’ll explore what it really means to be a manager, and the skills and knowledge that it requires. We will consider the actions you should take in your first few days and weeks, and the aspects of the management process that you will need to get to grips with.

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Module 2

Old Friends, New Behaviours

We’ll focus on helping you and your team to transition to a new way of working. You will learn how to establish your boundaries and use scenarios to explore ways of managing old friends and new behaviours.

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Module 3

Hitting The Ground Running

We’ll explore personal effectiveness, managing yourself and the expectations of others. You will build on your existing strategies to manage your time, and focus on those activities that will have the most impact in your role as a manager.


Module 4

Motivating Your Team To Achieve Results

We’ll focus on understanding individual and team motivation. We’ll use practical scenarios to explore how you can create a team culture of growth, support, challenge and openness, to achieve results; as well as practical skills around delegation.

7 Celebrate Success

Module 5

The Practicalities Of Managing A Team

We’ll explore the practicalities of managing a team, with scenarios and role plays that will support new managers to implement the organisation’s HR Policies and Procedures. We’ll also tackle the more tricky aspects, including having challenging conversations.

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Module 6

Problem Solving And Decision Making

We’ll look at the strategies and resources that you can use for effective problem solving and decision making. You’ll have the opportuntiy to explore your own decision making in a practical scenario that examines problem solving under pressure.

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