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Successful leaders are defined by their grasp of the strategic environment in which they operate, and their ability to translate this into a language that will drive your business forwards. Our leadership programmes are tailored to help create a high performing leadership team that connects both at a strategic and operational level. This can include a powerful combination of individual and team coaching.

Module 1

Self Awareness And Personal Impact

Strong leadership starts with self-awareness. We use Facet5* to explore our behaviour, motivation and attitudes (other tools are available). This empowers
us to work to our strengths and understand how we can get the best out of each other.
* includes 1:1 coaching on individual leadership

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Module 2

Working As A High Performing Team

We’ll support individuals to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and how they impact on each other as a team. We’ll also take a broad look at the 5 Dysfunctions of
a Team, and explore this powerful model to develop accountable steps for overcoming common hurdles to building a cohesive and effective team.

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Module 3

Driving Strategy And Change In Your Organisation

We’ll draw on existing learning to explore how to communicate your strategy and vision effectively. We’ll explore how to lead, manage and support teams through change. Also, how to ‘win hearts and minds’, given our understanding of our own, and other people’s different behaviour, motivation and

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