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Management and Leadership

Acacia Coaching and Development are experienced in designing and delivering tailored management and leadership development programmes.  We understand how to create engaging and meaningful learning experiences that deliver results for your business.

“One of the successes of this course was to work with the other managers and to encourage more interaction with them, share ideas, problem solving.” (Rosebery Housing Association).


In a challenging economy, leadership teams are expecting more with less, and new or inexperienced managers are struggling to deliver, often feeling unsupported, isolated and overstretched.  

We can help with our 3-stage ‘POISED’ for success programme.

Get poised for success

Our 3 steps
Expertise Management

So, why choose us?

We are:

  • experienced – with over 45 years’ experience in senior management and learning and development;
  • cost effective – our programmes are tailored to your needs so time and resources are not wasted;
  • business focused – our diagnostic tool ensures that our programmes are measured through real business results.

Example Management Development Programme

Step 1

A diagnostic tool that defines the underlying problem

Step 2

Design and delivery of a management and leadership development programme, to meet the needs of your organisation.

Step 3

A FREE end of programme report that identifies participants’ key learning, next steps to embed new skills, and any organisational learning.

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