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We equip managers to meet the challenges of leading with a commercial head and a social heart, so that they can continue to successfully support the most vulnerable in society. Whilst all our programmes are tailored to meet your needs, your Management Development programme might contain the following modules.

Module 1

Self Awareness And Impact

You’ll identify your preferred leadership style and when and how to flex it for the best outcome. You’ll consider how to define and successfully manage your personal brand, and take the first step towards achieving your goals with an effective personal development strategy.

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Module 2

Personal Effectiveness

We’ll explore ways you can increase your personal effectiveness using time management strategies that work with your personality; apply techniques to communicate with confidence; and explore ways to supercharge your personal wellbeing and resilience.

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Module 3

Managing Individual Performance

We’ll look at ways to effectively motivate and reward high performers, and apply a simple 4 step process to address under performance. We’ll practice courageous conversations and identify when to ask for help from your line manager or HR.

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Module 4

Creating High Performing Teams

Authenticity and emotional intelligence are increasingly important for strong leadership. This module looks at ways to use these skills to build trust and motivate your team, harness group dynamics to improve performance, and create a
culture of openness and productive conflict.

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Module 5

Working Collaboratively

We’ll explore some of the key skills needed to break down silo working. You’ll learn how to negotiate and influence others for a win-win outcome, how to be assertive in group and 1:1 situations, and ways to pro-actively build and maintain effective networks.

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Module 6

Strategic Thinking, Problem Solving And Decision Making

You’ll have the opportunity to apply strategic thinking techniques to real life situations, and practise creative problem solving and decision making under pressure. We will also explore ways to positively lead people through change in a VUCA world.

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